Harry's relatives
Harry with his cousin, Viola (Gordon) LePire and his son Harry Jr on the ferry to Sault Ste. Marie.
Harry with his cousin, Gertrude (Hand) Bower,  her son Lawrence and Harry's mother, Jennie.
Harry on Mackinac Island
Sylvia with Gertude, Lawrence & Jennie
Gertrude was the daughter of Thomas Hand, Jennie's brother.
Sylvia & Jennie with Harry's cousins

I think the woman on the left is Myrtle Gladys Amy.  This picture was taken about 1922 in Detroit.  At this time Gladys and Sylvia did not have any children.  Harry had no other female cousin that seems to fit this picture.  I think that this woman resembles the Hand Family.  Gladys married Jack Henry Johnson 4 March 1918 and had daughter, Elizabeth, in 1923 and daughter, Dorothy, in 1924.
            Harry's cousins

The woman on the left may be Myrtle Gladys Amy, the daughter of William Amy and Elizabeth Hand.  Elizabeth Hand was Jennie's sister who lived in Alpena.  The woman on the right may be the wife of one of her brothers.  I think that the woman on the right does not look like a cousin and therefore I think she is an in-law.  It appears to be her child. 
Lawrence Millard Bower Jr, son of Harry's cousin, Gertrude (Hand) Bower
Gerald & Ruth (Gordon) West
This is the wedding picture of Emma Gordon taken 8 August 1898.  Emma is the mother of Ruth.
Robert Gordon, Emma, Elizabeth (Gordon) Ley, Caroline Ley
Emma & her third husband, Willet Harris
1913   Ishpeming, Michigan

James & Ruth Gordon, children of Emma & Robert Gordon