The Bradley Family
The Bradley Family probably came from Castlecomer, County, Kilkenny, Ireland.  It is believed that they first settled in the Montreal area.  The brothers - Edward and William emigrated.  I believe that several other relatives also emigrated at the same time.  I think they emigrated in 1825.  It is known that they were in Ontario, Canada in 1831.
Edward Bradley married Mary Ryan on 22 July 1831 in the Anglican Christ Church of Montreal.  He is referred to as being from Montreal.  This means he had been living in Montreal and was not a recent emigrant.  Edward and Mary had 4 children - Catherine, Mary, Edward and Margaret.  Edward moved his family to Mulmur Township in 1837 and lived on William Hand's farm.
Margaret Bradley married William Crawley.
Margaret in front of her home in Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada.
Edward Bradley died 31 December 1897.  It was reported that he was 105 years old.  I'm not sure that I believe this, but he was probably at least 99 years old and very likely 100.
The grave of Edward and Elizabeth Bradley.  They were first cousins.  Edward was the son of Edward Bradley and Elizabeth was the daughter of William Bradley.  They are buried in the United Church of Dundalk Cemetery in Dundalk, Grey County, Ontario, Canada.
Abraham and Richard were the sons of William.  Abraham never married and always lived with Richard.  They are buried at the Mulmur Pioneer Cemetery in Mulmur Township, Dufferin County, Ontario, Canada.
William Bradley farming in Mulmur Township, Ontario, Canada.  I believe this is a picture of Richard Bradley's son.  Richard seems to have been the only son of William Bradley that was a farmer and remained in Mulmur.  That would make this William Bradley the grandson of the original Irish emigrant William Bradley.
John Taylor Bradley, son of William, lived in St. Catharines, Lincoln County, Ontario.  He was a lock tender.  This is not far from Lockport, New York where he was born.  His brother, William, also lived here.  William worked and lived at Lock # 3 on the Welland Canal.  He was killed in an accident at work.  They are buried at Victoria Lawn Cemetery in St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada. John & Elizabeth's daughter, Emma Bell & her husband James Brebner are buried behind behind her parents.  The inscription or Emma & James is on the back of her parents headstone.