Harry's ancestors came from Ireland.  I visited Ireland in September 1998 & April 2008.
I began my trip in Dublin.  It is a beautiful city and as you can see, I am fond of water and bridges.
Dublin Castle home of the Chester Beatty Library.
Christ Church Cathedral, originally built in 1030.  Parts of the original foundation are visible in the basement.
Newgrange is over 5000 years old.  It is awesome to enter into the passageway and go to the central chamber.  It is exactly the way it was 5000 years ago.  To the right is a picture of the entrance.
We passed the Boyne River on the way to Newgrange.

This is the countryside around the Hill of Tara.
I am at St Canice's Cathedral in Kilkenny City.
St Canice's Cathedral.  Next to the Cathedral is a Round Tower built in 849.  These structures were originally built for the Monks to hide from invading Vikings.
These 2 pictures are from the inside of St Canice's Cathedral.
Kilkenny City is a beautiful city full of medieval building.
Kilkenny Castle
Castlecomer is a 20 minute bus ride from Kilkenny City.  This is the area where the Hand Family lived.  The city was completely destroyed in the Rebellion of 1798 & the castle was never rebuilt.  Nevertheless it is a lovely area.
Discovery Park, in Castlecomer, is a great place to go to see a lot of nature and also to go shopping.  There is a very nice restaurant and the old stables are now converted into small shops filled with unique handmade items.
The Hand Family probably attended St Mary's Church in Castlecomer..
This plaque was on the wall in the St Mary's cemetery.
Armagh City was a very lovely city built on a hillside.  It is the oldest city in Ireland and was the home of St Patrick.
These are the ruins of the Armagh Friary.
To the left is the Roman Catholic St Patrick's Cathedral.  To the right is the Church of Ireland St Patrick's Cathedral.  On the right you will see a black plaque on the wall of the Cathedral.  It marks the spot near where Brian Boru was buried.
The above 2 pictures were taken on the walk to Navan Fort.  Navan Fort is an ancient earthen hill fort built over 7000 years ago.  It is where the High Kings of ancient Ireland were chosen.
The above picture is of a reconstructed prechristian dwelling.  To the right is part of Navan Fort.
These 2 pictures were taken while standing on Navan Fort.
Walking along the road to get to the Giant's Causeway.
The Giant's Causeway was created 60 million years ago by volcanic lava.
The Giant's Causeway was so fascinating that I went there 3 different times and once in the evening.