Stanton, Mulmur Township, Ontario
as it appeared in 1899
Former Hand Farm 
as it appears June 29, 2013
These are the headstone's of Catherine Bradley's parents.  To left is the grave of Ann (Taylor) Bradley.  To the right is the grave of William Bradley.  They emigrated from Ireland and are buried in St Luke's Anglican Cemetery in Mulmur Township.
Win's father, William Hand is also buried in St Luke's Anglican Cemetery.  His grave was recorded in 1978, but has since been lost.  William Hand's grave was two rows above the graves of Ann & William Bradley.  It is now covered by dense foliage.  William's first wife, Elizabeth Craig, is probably buried beside him.  Elizabeth died in 1851 and St Luke's has been in existance since 1847.
This picture is from the Dufferin County Museum and Archives.  It is labeled the old Hand Farm House and it burned down in 1911.

I think this picture was taken in 1906.  I think that William Hand's oldest son, Thomas, built this house.  Thomas' oldest son, William, moved back to this house in 1893.  I believe that the people in this picture are as follows:

Clifton, James, Their father William and stepmother Eliza, Lena, Eliza, Ethel and the grandfather, Thomas.
Hand Farm House in Stanton

Orangeville Town Hall built in 1875.
St. Mark's Anglican Church built in 1868.  The church was heavily renovated in the 1960's.
Win Hand's home, in Orangeville, constructed in 1876.
Trunk owned by Win Hand.
Horse stable behind Win's house.  It was built in the 1850's.
This marker is a memorial to Elizabeth Hand born 1798 and died 20 Sep 1851. 
William Craig Hand, son of Elizabeth Hand, created the memorial to his mother.  The large headstone says Hand on one side and McCluskey on the other.  This is in the Alliston Union Cemetery in alliston, Ontario.  all around the large marker are flat markers for:  William C. Hand, Isabella Humphries Hand, Mary A. Hand, Elizabeth Hand McCluskey, George McCluskey, Edmund Roberts McCluskey & Elizabeth Hand.
Win Hand built homes and Inns.  He lived in Lynwood Farm in Mulmur Township until 1870.  He sold his land in Mulmur Township and moved to Orangeville, Ontario.
4-generation picture of Thomas Hand Family

William, Thomas Kenneth Kirkpatrick holding baby William Kenneth, Patriarch Thomas Hand
William & Margaret (Kirkpatrick) Hand
Standing in back:  Thomas & James
Seated: William holding baby Elma, Ethel, Margaret
Seated in front: Lena & Clifton
Clifton Milord Hand with his son Lawrence.  Clifton is the son of William & Margaret.
Richard Bertram Hand was the son of John Baldwin Hand.  John was a lawyer in Toronto.  He moved to New York City where he practiced law.  Richard followed in his father's footsteps and became a lawyer in NYC.  John Baldwin Hand was one of Thomas Hand's sons.
Emma Hand married Rev. William Frederick Goodeve & moved to Neepawa, Manitoba.  Emma was Thomas Hand's youngest daughter.
Win built the Stanton Inn in 1863 when he was 26 years old.  It was on the Hand farm on land that his father sold to him.  It was the first inn he built.  Later he built several inns, got them set up and then sold them.
Thomas was Win's oldest brother.  He remained in Stanton and continued to farm.
Edward Goodeve.
Sir Charles Frederick Goodeve

He won a scholarship to Oxford in England.  He invented a defensive shield for submarines.  Thousands of allied lives were saved because of his invention.  After WWII he was knighted by King George.
Rev. James Edward Hand & his wife Mary Elizabeth Verner

He was another son of Thomas Hand.
Their daughter Margaret Jane Hand