Anne Jane Hand

22 September 1871  Ann Jane Hand  was born in Orangeville, Ontario, Canada.  She moved to Sault Ste Marie, Michigan in October 1878.  She has always been known as "Jennie".

17 April 1888  Jennie was confirmed at St. James Episcopal Church in Sault Ste Marie.  At that time she was living and working at Fort Brady.  This was the original Fort Brady on Portage Street.

 20 March 1890   On this date Jennie married Andrew Joseph Reynolds of Nepean Township, Carleton County, Ontario, Canada.  They married at the Canadian Soo.

The marriage was mentioned in the Sault Ste Marie News, but it did not mention where the couple were living.  Neither Andrew nor Jennie appear in any records at the Soo.  It does not seem likely that they were living at the Soo.

21 June 1893   Jennie filed a complaint for divorce from Andrew Reynolds.  The complaint was filed with the Chippewa County Court.  This means that Jennie was now living in the Soo.  This notice was filed three times in the paper.  This was done because Andrew's whereabouts were unknown.  It was necessary to publish the notice in the paper before Jennie could legally file for divorce.  She charged Andrew with cruelty, desertion and nonsupport. 

16 December 1893  Jennie was granted a divorce from Andrew Reynplds. 

3 February 1894   An article appeared in the Sault Ste Marie News about the doings at Fort Brady.  It was mentioned that Jennie Hand lived at Fort Brady.  Also Private George F. Ambrose was mentioned as having won a prize.  Jennie must have returned to her old job at Fort Brady.

27 April 1895   Win Hand and Family moved from the Soo to his farm.  Probably Jennie's son, Harry, moved to the farm with the Hand Family.  It is not likely that Harry was living at Fort Brady.  

3 August 1895 Harry Reynolds accidentaqlly choked Win while they were playing "horsey".  

Jennie married George F. Ambrose.  He was discharged from the army based on a disability.  I have not found a marriage record for Jennie & George.  

11 December 1897 The Sault Ste Marie News reported that Mrs. George F. Ambrose has been visiting her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Win Hand, and will return to her home in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

1899 & 1900  Harry Hand appears on a list of students who have made the honor roll.  He attended the South Side School in the Soo.

28 July 1900 George F. Ambrose died from the affects of tuberculoses.

6 January 1901 Hank Fisher & Mrs. Jennie Ambrose were married by Judge Kendall at the Judge's residence.

9 July 1901  Mrs. Henry Fisher, from Santa Fe, visited her parents, Mr. & Mrs. Win Hand. 

2 July 1902 Jennie gave birth to a daughter, Farrell C. Fisher in Albuquerque, New Mexico.

17 July 1902 Henry Fisher was killed in a railroad accident.

Jennie probably returned to the Soo shortly after Henry Fisher's death.

The 8 marriages of Jennie hand
Jennie had this family portrait taken at the Bell Photography Studio at the Soo in December 1902.  Mrs. Jennie Fisher, son Harry Fisher and daughter, Farrell Fisher.

6 May 1903 Mrs. Jennie Fisher married James Gavigon at the Soo.  

7 May 1903 Farrell died at the age of 10 months.  

16 July 1904 Mrs. Jennie Fisher & son arrived home after a month long trip to California & New Mexico.

15 September 1905 Jennie was granted a divorce from James Gavigon.

4 April 1906  Jennie Fisher married T. King Bush at the Soo.

10 January 1910  Jennie Hand is living in Detroit.  

17 November 1913  Mrs. Jennie Adams is the widow of George Adams & is living in Detroit.

8 November 1919  Mrs. Joseph Hart is living in Detroit.

11 Jan 1926 Joseph Hart died after being struck by a car.

12 January 1927  Jennie Hart married Harold Pruner in Detroit.

27 July 1931  Jennie divorced Harold Pruner in Detroit.

6 September 1933  Jennie was committed to Eloise Mental Institute.

3 February 1956  Jennie died & was buried at Parkview Cemetery in Livonia, Michigan.
This is the original Fort Brady.  This is where Jennie lived and worked.
December 1919 Battle Creek, Michigan

Jessie Goodrich, Jennie Hart, Frances Hoyt, Harry Fisher, Buelah Goodrich
   December 1919

Batle Creek, Michigan
Unknown when & where this picture was taken, but I think Jennie looks younger than she does in the pictures taken in 1919.
None of Jennie's husbands were the father of her son, Harry.  Officially, Harry's father was unknown.  We were told that our last name should be Alexander and not Fisher because Alexander was the last name of Harry's natural father.